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SECRAB is a a small enterprise operating from Tumba, close to Stockholm, working with Security, Safety and Defence Research and Technology,  with wide and extensive experience within the area. SECRAB's founder and CEO is Professor Bo Janzon.

Our Mission

SECRAB assists our Customers in finding solutions to their problems by providing access to the best competences available in Europe (and the World).

Company Profile

SECRAB – a Societal Entrepreneurship Company - works with research and technology, mostly within public safety and security, i e in connection with the EU 7th Framework Program.

Some specific competences:

• Elaboration and planning of large projects, research applications. consortium forming, coordination and project management

• Scientific publications, reviews, seminars, conferences and symposia

• Analysis of safety and security problems

• Energetic materials. effects, detection and remediation of explosives, protection against effects

• Rock blasting, underwater blasting and shaped charges

• Threat, Risk and Consequence Analysis, foremost in connection with energetic materials

• Protection of critical infrastructure against physical attack, explosives, fire

We act as research and technology brokers for Security, Safety and Defence Research and Technology.

We assist Customers to set up or participate in Research and Technology Project applications for the European Union, including FP 7,  the US Department of Homeland Security/HSARPA and DoD/DARPA.

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